A warm welcome to HMS Collingwood's Heritage Collection (CHC)
of Naval Radar and Radio equipment.

  We have changed our name to comply with a recent change of policy for "tribal museums" which came about as a result of the foundation of the National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN). We have decided not to change the site’s URL because it is well established on the internet and a name change might cause confusion amongst surfers, and that could lead to fewer hits. The 2006 original site was updated and relaunched in August 2014.

  For that reason, the URL alone mentions a museum but in most other cases, we show the CHC abbreviation.

  At around the same time as the name change took place we moved out of a number of buildings, some dating back to WW2, into a number of rooms in a more modern building, part of the main training complex in Collingwood.

  The new location, whilst dry and warm has less floor space than the buildings we previously occupied and it has been necessary to rationalise the collection. Sadly we have had to give up the Valve Collection, many of the “captured equipments” and the whole of our Domestic Radio Collection.

  Whilst the vast majority of our Collection is still intact, some items have found new homes in the rationalisation of the erstwhile Collingwood Museum, even though we still show them either in picture form or in text/diagram form on this site. If you intend to visit the CHC specifically to see an exhibit showing on our site, it might be prudent to first ascertain whether or not we still have that exhibit. Thank you.

  The CHC owes Godfrey Dykes a huge vote of thanks for the time and effort he spent in researching, collating, scanning and uploading the information contained within and I would recommend, when you have several hours to spare, a visit to his website (Godfrey Dykes).

  The destroyer Wireless Office from 1925 is now on loan to the ‘Hear My Story’ gallery in the NMRN (Portsmouth) where it can be enjoyed by a wider audience.

   If you find any broken or missing links then please email me Ken Sutton at chcmuseumwebmaster[AT]

   If you wish to contact the Curator re the museum exhibits/library then please email Clive Kidd at cjckidd[AT]