The following 'systems' are not finite. What is included is to demonstrate how various equipments were controlled.

This Series (now in addition to CCS and CWS) was fitted in the late war years to enable British and American transmitters and receivers to be used remotely. However, it did not handle VHF transmitters and tended to differ widely in facilities offered between ships. Like all war fits, it was a necessary expedient and people accepted it, "warts and all".

It continued using what the CWS had started, namely the CCX (Control Circuit Exchange), a plug and socket matrix, supported by an assortment of various control boxes at each and every remote user position. To avoid boring you, instead of mentioning each and every 'little box of tricks' we will show you, in the KH Series section which is on the next page, some photographs of these typical control boxes.

The basic facilities enabled each remote position to:-

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  To see the full wiring/block diagram of HMS Vanguard's KGB system KGB Full Schematic

  Note the rack to the right (bottom of file picture) called "H/F, V/HF RACK BAY 3" with drawers 'F', 'D', 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'E'. This houses the receivers for the system, and drawers 'A', 'B' and 'E' are associated with the receiver P104 (Naval title CDU), the receiver used with the VHF transmitter Type 87 - 100 to 150 Mc/s. Note also that in drawer 'C' there is a B28 receiver (Naval title CDC). The audio outputs from these two receivers are hard-wired to drawer 'D' which is a PJF (Plug Jack Field). The labels on this drawer of sockets say:-

a. Lines 5 & 6 - CDU/P104 - Phone Out & CCR.
b. Lines 8 & 9 - TBS in UTR (Upper Transmitting Room) - Phone Out & LRR (Lower Receiving Room) CCX.
c. Lines 10 to 13 - KGB.
d. Lines 15 & 16 - CDC/B28 - Line Out & CCX.
e. Line 20 - CDC/B28 L/S/O/P (Loudspeaker Output).

  The sockets, connected as required by double ended plug cables, are hard-wired to drawer 'F' which routes the selected receiver to the KGB Rack on the left of the picture (top of file picture). Drawer 'F' on this KGB Rack controls all the Transmitters and Receivers used with this system.