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Naval Communications Requirement

Requirement for SSB

Radio Frequency Power Amplifier

Modern Aerials

Communications Receivers

Review of RATT Working


Keying Polarity and Arrangment

Modulation Methods

Communications Satellites

The following are Course notes from a later period - MORE SOPHISTICATED.

Transmission Media - how we communicated during 1982 !

Emission Designators

Propagation of Radio Waves

Telegraph and Data Message Generator

Transmitter Faults

Telecommunications Services Provided

Minimum Shift Keying

Shore Telecommunications Equipment - Part One

Shore Telecommunications Equipment - Part Two

Shore Telecommunications Equipment Part Three

Shore Telecommunications Equipment - Part Four

Data Communications - Part One

Data Communications - Part Two

Data Communications - Part Three

Fibre Optics - Part One

Fibre Optics - Part Two

Fibre Optics - Part Three

System Engineering - Part One

System Engineering - Part Two

System Engineering - Part Three

Station Groups and Communication Centres - Part One

Station Groups and Communications Centres - Part Two

Station Groups and Communication Centres - Part Three