Bill Legg

  We are sad to report  the death , on the 12 July 2017, of Lieutenant Commander William Eli Legg Royal Navy, erstwhile curator of the HMS Collingwood.

  Bill carried out this calling for just over 20 years, seeing the museum through a number of ups and downs but he always remained enthusiastic and put his all into preserving the Wireless/Radio  and RDF/ Radar heritage that he and his predecessors had garnered since at least 1953. Bill was known throughout the UK and abroad for his knowledge of Weapon Engineering history and his willingness to share that knowledge and the resources of the Collingwood Museum  with all who sought his help. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

  Bill Legg was born in Somerset in 1934. He joined the RN as an artificer apprentice in 1951  as part o f 11 class. On completion of his 5 years of training Bill became a Radio Electrical Artificer and served in a number of Ships and Shore Establishments before being selected  for promotion to officer. He was commissioned as a Special Duties ( Radio) officer in 1966 serving in HM Ships  Rhyl, Euryalus, Scylla and Jupiter. He also served ashore in Collingwood , ASWE, Dryad , DSWP and DGSW(N) and had an appointment serving under the Malaysian Government . Bill was  selected for promotion  to Lieutenant Commander in December 1976 during his service  in HMS Scylla. Whilst he retired from active service in 1988 he still served in HMS Collingwood as a Retired Officer until 1997. Bill had more than one string to his bow and was well known in the WE World for the enthusiastic support he gave to the HMS Collingwood Officers Association especially in organising major social events such as Winter and Summer balls.

Clive Kidd

  A very warm welcome to our new Curator of the CHC. His name is CLIVE KIDD, and this is his story.

  Hello my name is Clive Kidd and I am the Honorary Curator of the Collingwood Historic Collection, formerly known as the Collingwood Museum. Welcome to our web site. I hope you enjoy browsing the site and find the information you are looking for. If not please feel free to contact me by e- mail my address is cjckidd(at) Of course you need to replace (at) with @ ; its my attempt to keep the spam down!

  I have always always had a keen interest in history and the history of military technology in particular and I look forward to deepening my knowledge via this splendid collection and by contact with you..

  Enjoy your browsing


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