WW2 AFOs and CAFOs for Radar and WT Branches

  The pages which make up these two files were on the 'cutting-floor' of my study when I started to compile this site. I could see little or no value in digitising them and publishing them. Perhaps you yourself might think the same even now !

  However, I realised that some typist, almost certainly a WREN, had gone to all that bother of typing a list of all the AFO's and CAFO's which during the second world war years were DIRECTLY relevant to the RADAR and the W/T BRANCHES and the PERSONNEL serving in them, and thought what a wonderful index this is to every conceivable subject concerning major branches of the Royal Navy.

  Obviously, we can't replicate the AFO's/CAFO's {wish we could} so there is no 'real meat on the bones', but just reading some of these titles helps to date an event, or 'humanise' the war. In these two examples alone, I am thinking about AFO 2924/43 which brought the word RADAR into being in lieu of RDF and in 1945 {AFO1945/45 - that's strange !} there was obviously a move afoot to reward people for their Inventions and Suggestions {to increase the efficiency of equipment and administration}, obviously under the MOD Suggestions Scheme/Herbert Lott Naval Trust Fund. There are many other titles which may or may not attract your attention.

  As my heading above says, each of these titles is a 'picture' and each tells its own story of days gone by so many years ago.

  I hope that you enjoy the read, or should I say scan or even glance.

WW2 AFOs and CAFOs for Radar and WT Branches - Part One

WW2 AFOs and CAFOs for Radar and WT Branches - Part Two