The PDF file link below contains some original signals thanking the Royal Navy for the way in which it prosecuted the second world war. Whilst all in the Navy were thanked in these messages, let us not forget the role played by the W/T Branch personnel and by Radar Branch personnel, and by all those engineers who kept the 'show' on the road: we thank you with all our hearts. We trust that other branches on their web sites, will show the same signals rewarding their association members for their ultimate sacrifice and diligence sustained over a six year period. Here, on this site, we salute you all, and if you belong to a branch which doesn't have an association or a web site, please take what follows as a personal signal to you and yours too: in the time honoured naval parlance, we say to you "welcome aboard".

  The first message came from Southwick House, in Southwick, Portsmouth, and from the overall supremo General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Southwick eventually became the home of the Radar and AIO Branch which was called HMS Dyad, now an integral part of HMS Collingwood. It said:

End of World War Two Thank You signals