The CHC layout has dramatically changed since our move to a smaller area in 2013/14. What you see pre-dates that move. As we launch this new website we are in  a state of flux but open for business as usual. Nevertheless, although not all we own is or can be shown in a photo album, it gives one a good idea of the size and scope  of the collection
The vast majority of our exhibits are not powered-up, but were they to be so, they could be demonstrated in full working order. These are just a few of our exhibits.

Teleprinter; radar and a type 640 transmitter [Marconi NT 204]. Various receivers including B28, B29, B40 and B41. Outfit type transmitter 618, receiver CAS and associated power supply. Transmitter 643 and receiver CJP. In frigates and above, the emergency transmit/receive outfit. In small vessels the main equipment.

Navigation Equipment. Radar cabinet and console. The Navy's emergency, secondary or main equipment from WW2 until into the late 1960's. The American TCS transmitter and receiver. German Second World War captured equipments.

Part of the 'Domestic Collection' with radio's and radiograms of all sizes and types. The ubiquitous receiver B40. 965 Radar double bedstead aerial fitted in carriers and AD frigates. FV Series D/F outfit. Main desk, aerial and remote console.

965 Radar equipment. Plotting table with RATT terminal equipment in the background. Outfit receiver CJC. Fitted in the general purpose bay as a free running receiver which replaced the B40. Pre WW2 radio equipment.

The W/T office of a 1925 destroyer. Exhibit preparation room where artefacts are prepared for selling-on or for display in our Collection. Low power transmitter Type 619 and associated receiver CAT. Various pieces of equipment made by Eddystone.

Flyplane System 5 showing Radar Type 275 "A" Scans in T.S. Tallboy. General Test Equipments. General view of one of the Collection spaces with an ARL plotting table in the foreground. General view of one of the Collection spaces with a Type 640 in the background.

Remains of the radar display salvaged from the German pocket-battleship Graf Spee after the Battle of the River Plate. Some of the many valves belonging to the Collection. More strange and wonderful valves from long ago. Part of the Museum's extensive library.

BR's, CB's, and other documents by the score. Another picture of the library and archives. Electrical switchgear and other pieces from the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert. A signalling lamp together with a calibrator. Sonar equipment - Type 164 with Type 147 on the left.

The maintenance section - our EMR - where old equipments, long since "dead" are brought back to life! Type 29 teleprinter from the earliest of RATT at sea days. The Oscillator for an 89Q transmitter. Note the FSK socket which received the GK185A FSK Keyer and the Normal/FSK switch. The 640 Transmitter.

Outfit 612 F. Outfit Transmitter 89Q often referred to as the Transmitter 8M. The Transmitter 4T part of the Transmitter 60 EQR. The system switch of an original B40 receiver. Note is says R/T, Tune System, CW High and Low and LISTEN THROUGH ?

Transmitter 75C which eventually became the Transmitter type 87M. The Type 605 main Fleet transmitter of the 1950's early 1960's. The 601 series [601 to 605] was designed during WW2. The original ships telephone exchange operators panel. Part of W/T equipment. The original spark transmitter with, on the right, one of HMS Collingwood's original cinema projectors.

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