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The enormous bulk of the Type 36 transmitter behind a locked cage barrier. Lethal voltages were present when this transmitter was being keyed. An A50 Tuner Amplifier. A pre-WW2 W/T receiver. A captured German aerial tuner. The underside of a lid to a captured German piece of equipment. If you look carefully, you can see the Nazi Badge stamped below the product name plate.
A captured German piece of test equipment for use in U-Boats. SWB8X Shore Station high power HF transmitter. Transmitter type TGY. Marconi Type 558M Spark Transmitter.
Silver Plated room heater from the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert. Part of the Type 79, the Royal Navy's first operational radar set fitting in HMS Sheffield and HMS Rodney. Another shot of the Type 79. Top blue box and the aerial above are the third shot of the Type 79 RDF or Radar.
Part of the Type 293 Radar set. Ships Inertia Navigation System (SINS). A torpedo man in 1933 fixed W/T sets and he was the forerunner of the WE(R) Rating. Transmitter Type 5G.
FM16 Round loop D/F aerial with sensing aerial down through the centre. Type 622 transceiver. This is not a naval type 622 but is an Army type 19 - a transceiver used in battle tanks. See image 87 for an example of an Army Type 62/Naval Type 622. FAA air radar sets. BID 940.
BID 920. BID 580. TTVF(B) i.e. 2 x TT20 sitting on top of a BID 660. FHB Radio goniometer. The receiver for the D/F outfit FH4.
Radar 'J' Series PPI's The receiver Type 62B which had a frequency range covering the commercial radio stations and which was used as the SRE (Sound Reproduction Equipment) receiver. A B28 receiver with a transmitter built in and site under the lift up lid. See next picture for its use. Text self explicit. See picture of B28 with transmitter built in sited under the lift up lid.
RAL6 -USN Receiver from WW2 days. RBC1 - USN Receiver from WW2 days. CV89 - USN RATT Broadcast receiver/comparator. GK185A - FSK Keyer used for transmitters like the 89Q and the 601 series.
CNY2 Receiver. MUFAX receiver. LORAN. Creed Type 7B Teleprinter.
A Terminal Telegraph unit made by the MEL Company in the early 1980's. 1 of 5 pictures of the Type 1255. The Type 1255, a transceiver, was fitted into small vessel from approximately 1983 onwards. 2 of 5 pictures of the Type 1255. See details of the Type 1255 under Transmitters/transceivers in the Communications Menu. 3 of 5 pictures of the Type 1255. See pictures 82 and 83 for details.
4 of 5 pictures of the Type 1255. See pictures 82 and 83 for details. 5 of 5 pictures of the Type 1255. See pictures 82 and 83 for details. Army type 62/Naval type 622

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