There is much to read and to comprehend. The first image shows just how many RADAR sets are mentioned in the March 1944 Bulletin alone. Only 17 of the 96 listed Radars are included on the Matrix page. The second image shows how many W/T or Wireless sets are referred to in the sma issue.


  Above all else, those at the front matter more than any other units acting as combatants engaged in the destruction of the nations enemies: combatants of course include the SOE and the various Allied resistance' and anybody within smelling distance of a German, Italian or Japanese combatant. Only those who through their own endeavours matched the most assiduous of protagonists in that destruction, who were not combatants themselves, deserved to be treated as equals. Such non-combatants belong to the likes of Bletchley Park personnel for example.

  WW2 saw those front line personnel using equipment which wasn't really up to the mark. Whilst the short comings were reported to the authorities back home, and no doubt these authorities diligently sought to rectify these defects, little or no feedback was received by the front line units, which from hereonin, I will call the FLEET.

  In the Introduction file to the files of PRE WW1 WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY I mention that feedback was something banded around between the Admiralty and the 'egg head' Establishments, with little or no regard for assessing the problem overall and thereafter for making all at sea aware of the problem and the necessary resolution.

  This state of affairs came to a head in 1944 at a time when it became obvious there was a 'them' and 'us', and the 'them' were the ones dying in the name of the King at the 'coal face'.

  I have already mentioned that the reports about the advances in RADIO and subsequently RADAR, were made by Secret annual and then half-yearly reports with extremely tight and controlled distribution lists. Once dealt with, they were filed for posterity, and, I believe, eventually destroyed as highly sensitive material once the war had been won by the Allies.

  In March 1944 after four and a half years of war, all that changed, and although not clearly stated {so it is my own interpretation} the Admiralty's concern needed a voice. They ordered (I think) the ASE {Admiralty Signal Establishment} to issue regular bulletin's to the FLEET to collate the reported defects {to those of you in the know, the start of the S.2022 system ?} and advances made in technology, so that all in the FLEET with responsibilities for Radar or W/T communications, could know of the common problems and how to circumvent them, and of the promised new equipment which was about to enter Service. However, as you will read over many pages below, what started off for RADAR and W/T officers, soon became almost totally biased towards RADAR, but given the infancy of Radar and its rapidly advancing technology, that was quite understandable. This obvious bias did evoke a comment from the Commander-in-Chief British Pacific Fleet (BFP) when in his signal to S.S.E. repeated to the Admiralty on 250627Z August 1945 congratulating ASE on the Bulletin, he says ".........and it is felt there is room for expansion in the W/T section." - See 1945 September edition one EDITORIAL for details.

  I have published ALL of these BULLETIN's as follows - March 1944; June 1944; September 1944; December 1944; March 1945; June 1945 and September 1945.

NOTE: (ONE) after EDITORIAL means PDF file one. March 1944 - in this Bulletin with a Contents List (one) and Editorial (one) are:
a. R.I.S. (one)
b. Naval Wireless Transmitters (one)
c. Type 274 Radar (one)
d. What set is it? (one)
e. Gunnery Radar (one)
f. Shore W/T Stations & Naval Air Stations. (two)
g. A Relative Bearing Indicator (two
h. Height finding by Radar (two)
i. Handbooks (two)
j. New Radar Handbooks (two)
k. Use of Radar for Navigation (two)
l. Type 970 Radar (two)
m. Radar for Torpedo Control (two)
n. Radar in Submarine (two)
o. Radar Control of SQUID (two)
p. The re-organisation of training Radio Mechanics (three)
q. What's Gone Wrong ? (three)
r. Test Equipment (three)
s. Ship to Air Communications using VHF (three)
t. Radar fitting and maintenance notes (four)
u. D/F Navigational Aids and 'Y' (four)
v. I.F.F. (four)
w. Navigational Aids (four)

The Bulletin has been broken down arbitrarily into four manageable PDF files:

1944 March Edition part one
1944 March Edition part two
1944 March Edition part three
1944 March Edition part four
NOTE: (ONE) after Contents List means PDF file one.
June 1944, and as the last page of this Bulletin say's, D-DAY happened in this month. In this bulletin with a Contents List (one) are:
a. Target Indicator System (TIS) {Radar Type 293} (one)
b. I.F.F. (two)
c. W/T Transmitters (601 Series introduction) (two)
d. Aerial Rotation Speed (two)
e. Target Position Indicator (TPI) (two)
f. Height Position Indicator (HPI) (two)
g. Tuning HF W/T Transmitters (two)
h. Inspection of Radio Equipment (two)
i. Note of Remote Displays (Radars) (three)
j. Errata to the March Bulletin No 1 (three)
k. Digest of HMS Victorious report on Type 277 (three)
l. Radar fitting and maintenance notes (four)
m. Type 275 - New HA/LA Gunnery Fire Control (five)
n. Repair of Transformers at Sea (five)
o. Radar Type 277T in Action (six)
p. Radar control of SQUID (six)
q. Radar in Submarines (six)
r. W/T Aerial Arrangement in the Fleet (six)
s. Radar Reflector Balloons (six)
t. Power Supplies - Policy (six)
u. Radar Type 281 (six)
w. Stop Press (six)

The Bulletin has been broken down arbitrarily into six manageable PDF files:

1944 June Edition part one
1944 June Edition part two
1944 June Edition part three
1944 June Edition part four
1944 June Edition part five
1944 June Edition part six
NOTE: (ONE) after EDITORIAL means PDF file one..
September 1944. In this Bulletin with a contents list (one) are;
a. Editorial (one)
b. The Passing of the WREN Courier (one)
c. On the Level - RADAR (one)
d. Aerial outfit AUH (one)
e. Errata - for the June Bulletin No 2 (one)
f. Gunnery Notes/Wavemeter G76 (two)
g. Simple laws for curious Sailors ! (two)
h. Radars - Remote Displays (two)
i. Fall of shot (two)
j. Fire (two)
k. Radar for Torpedo Control (two)
l. Improvement of Equipment in Service (two)
m. 'M' Books (two)
n. Future of Radar Officers (two)
o. Radar report from HMS EMERALD (three)
p. Report on Radar Type 277 from HMS CAMPANIA (three)
q. I.F.F. (four)
r. Skiatrons (four)
s. Radar fitting and Maintenance Notes (four)
t. AJ - Report on visit to Normandy to assess interference on Radar Type 281 (five)
u. Type 281 (five)
v. W/T Transmitters of the 600 Series/601 (five)
w. W/T Modernisation (six)
x. W/T Test Equipment Ships and Shore Bases (six)
y. Suppression of interference to W/T (seven)
z. Combined HF, VHF D/F Aerial System (seven)
a1. Sound Recording Equipment (seven)
a2. Bantam D/F and Communications Receivers (seven)
a3. D/F Assembly FMC (seven)
a4. Type 93 in Aircraft Carrier - Blind approach beacon (seven)
a5. D/F Outfit FV5 (seven)
a6. Radio Equipment in Coastal Craft (seven)
a7. Mobile Stations and Naval Radio Vans (eight)
a8. Stop Press (eight)

The Bulletin has been broken down arbitrarily into eight manageable PDF files:

1944 September Edition part one
1944 September Edition part two
1944 September Edition part three
1944 September Edition part four
1944 September Edition part five
1944 September Edition part six
1944 September Edition part seven
1944 September Edition part eight
NOTE: (ONE) after EDITORIAL means PDF file one..
December 1944. In this Bulletin with a Contents List (one) are:
a. Editorial (one)
b. Radio Location (one)
c. Fall of Shot sets (one)
d. An object Lesson (one)
e. The new Radar Manual (one)
f. The R.D.R. (one)
g. Outfit JJ(1) with Height Plot (one)
h. Outfit RTE (one)
i "AN" Nomenclature (two)
j. Report on Radar Type 276 in HMS Black Swan (two)
k. Use of Radar for Navigation (two)
l. Ranging Outfit RTC (two)
m. The Effect of Propagation conditions on Radar Surface Ranges (two)
n. Radar Reflections from Cloud and Thunderstorms (two)
o. Type 281 BQ Radar (two)
p. Radar Target Indication (three)
q. Look before you Lean ! (three)
r. Embarkation of a pre-fabricated Type 277 Hut (three)
s. Wind finding by Radar (three)
t. Report on I.F.F. (four)
u. What's the Use of I.F.F ? (four)
v. Interrogation for Radar Type 281 (four)
w. Sector Selection (four)
x. Testing Condensers (four)
y. Vertical Coverage Diagrams (four)
z. Gunnery Radar (five)
a1. PPI News (five)
a2. Radar fitting and maintenance Notes (five)
a3. A simple Sync Pulse Generator (six)
a4. Report of defective radio equipment (six)
a5. Spreading the Buzz (six)
a6. Avometer Pattern 47A (six)
a7. Nomenclature for Electronic Valves (seven)
a8. Quartz Crystal Grinding and Servicing Unit (seven)
a9. Rubber Crystals (eight)
a10. Whip aerials (eight)
a11. Gremlin 1 (eight)
a12. W/T Transmitters in the 600 Series (nine)
a13. Type "YE" Beacon - Aircraft Carriers (nine)
a14. Receiver Type B28 - AVC (nine)
a.15. Interference Suppression - Receiver P38 (nine)
a.16. Crystal Control of Receivers (nine)
a.17. Control Circuit Development (nine)
a.18. Stop Press (nine)

The Bulletin has been broken down arbitrarily into nine manageable PDF files:

1944 December Edition part one
1944 December Edition part two
1944 December Edition part three
1944 December Edition part four
1944 December Edition part five
1944 December Edition part six
1944 December Edition part seven
1944 December Edition part eight
1944 December Edition part nine
NOTE: (ONE) after EDITORIAL means PDF file one..
March 1945 - in this Bulletin with a contents list (one) are:
a. Editorial (one)
b. Radar Long Course Exams (one)
c. Historical Note (one)
d. Radio in New Guinea (one)
e. Radio in the Tropics (one)
f. Radar for Combined Operations (one)
g. Make Fast (a poem) (one)
h. Bogey (two)
i. Radar Reports (two)
j. Type 274 In Action (two)
k. Radar Type 268 (two)
l. Teacher Outfit HRB/D (two)
m. Radar fitting and maintenance notes (two)
n. Project Bubbly - Radar (three)
o. P.P.I. News (three)
p. Talk Down - Naval Aircraft (three)
q. Auto - Aligning - Radar (four)
r. Gunnery Radar Notes (four)
s. Care and Use of Crystal Valves (five]
t. A.S.E. Nomenclature - W/T and Radar (five)
u. Navigational Aid - QM (five)
v. Loud Speaker Muting (five)
w. W/T Emergency Equipment (six)
x. W/T Transmitters in the 600 Series (six)
y. Equipment Frequency Charts for W/T and D/F (six)
z. FM versus AM (seven)
a1. W/T Receivers - Interference Suppression (seven)
a2. Television (seven)
a3. New VHF Aerials (seven)
a4. Stop Press (seven)

The Bulletin has been broken down arbitrarily into seven manageable PDF files:

1945 March Edition part one
1945 March Edition part two
1945 March Edition part three
1945 March Edition part four
1945 March Edition part five
1945 March Edition part six
1945 March Edition part seven
NOTE: (ONE) after EDITORIAL means PDF file one..
June 1945 - in this Bulletin with a contents list (one) are:
a. Editorial (one)
b. Radar Displays (one)
c. The Psychology of good Height Finding (one)
d. The Care and Use of Crystal Valves (one)
e. A Catalogue of Radar Test Equipment (one)
f. Gunnery Notes (one)
g. Jap (Japanese) Jamming (one)
h. Radar Types 274 & 275 Trials (two)
i. Radar Type 293M Trials (two)
j. Radar Type 931 (two)
k. The Radar Training Sight/Outfit RAA (two)
l. Radar Type SGI and Panel L18 (three)
m. Radio Maintenance Rooms (RMR) (three)
n. Errata for Bulletin 5 (three)
o. Report from HMS Shropshire (Type 281) (three)
p. A letter from HMS Diadem (Type 272) (three)
q. Remove the Crate! (three)
r. Historical Notes (four)
s. The Radar Officers Refit Dream (four)
t. Radar Fitting and Maintenance (four)
u. Automatic aerial training for Type 271/3Q (four)
v. Bending Waveguides (five)
w. Radio Maintenance (five)
x. Radar Servicing Manuals (five)
y. IFF Notes (six)
z. ASE Family Trees (six)
a1. Handbooks (six)
a2. Carbon Pile Regulators (seven)
a3. Microphones (seven)
a4. Consol (seven)
a5. VHF Aerial Outfit Feeders (seven)
a6. HMS Mercury (seven)
a7. Refits - Signal Officers Duty (seven)
a8. The P.W/T.O - Port W/T Officer (seven)
a9. Types 686M and 687 (seven)
a10. W/T Equipment in Submarines (eight)
a11. Fighter Direction Receivers P38 and P104 (eight)
a12. Outfit QH (eight)
a13. W/T AFO's (eight) a14. Stop Press [eight]

The Bulletin has been broken down arbitrarily into eight manageable PDF files:

1945 June Edition part one
1945 June Edition part two
1945 June Edition part three
1945 June Edition part four
1945 June Edition part five
1945 June Edition part six
1945 June Edition part seven
1945 June Edition part eight
NOTE: (ONE) after EDITORIAL means PDF file one..
September 1945 - in this Bulletin with a contents list (one) are:
a. Editorial (one)
b. British Bulldog eating the German Naval Ensign (one)
c. Radar Type 960 (one and two)
d. Gunnery Notes (Types 282/3/4/5) (two)
e. The future of the Radar Officer (two)
f. Radar Type 930 (two)
g. USN Fire Control Radar - Adopted by the RN - Type G Series (GA, GB, GC, GS) (two)
h. Radar Type 262 (three)
i. Reports from Abroad (three)
j. Aerial Rotation Speeds -Type 293M (three)
k. Analysis of Waveguide Conditions Type 293 (three)
l. Schelde Radar Navigation Scheme (three)
m. Cosmic Noise (four)
n. Some Notes on Aerials for Centimetric Radars (four)
o. Radar in a Modern Cruiser (1 text page followed by six pages of photographs) (four)
p. Comparison of Weights of Aircraft and Naval Radar Equipment (four)
q. Radar fitting and Maintenance Notes (five)
r. Radar Modifications (five)
s. Soldering without Tears (five)
t. A New Form of Construction for Radio Equipment (six)
u. Installation Specifications and Establishment Lists (six)
v. Standard Frequency Transmissions (six)
w. Training Radar Mechanics W/T (six)
x. HF Communications on Surface Craft (seven)
y. Protecting Device for Wire Aerials (seven)
z. German high speed W/T Equipment - KURIER (seven)
a1. Application of the German KURIER to RN TX's Type 55, TCS, and Reception. (seven)
a2. The Shape of W/T Things to Come (seven)
a3. Any W/T Defects ? (seven)
a4. Outfit QM (seven)
a5. Training of Radar Mechanics W/T (Mercury/Leydene Special) (1945 Special File)

The Bulletin has been broken down arbitrarily into eight manageable PDF files:

1945 September Edition part one
1945 September Edition part two
1945 September Edition part three
1945 September Edition part four
1945 September Edition part five
1945 September Edition part six
1945 September Edition part seven
1945 September Mercury Leyden Special